No more dreaming... PLANNING / by Jimmy Hyland

Mongolian steppe image nat geo.jpg( A typical view of a section of Mongolian steppe. Note the road, and lack of tarmac. Image credit: Mark Leong, National Geographic archive). How on earth do you start a blog? Well I guess you just explain it from the top...

I strongly believe that if you get an opportunity to do something different and exciting you should jump at it... And it just so happens one of those opportunities came my way. I'm finding myself in a very fortunate position where I have a window of time to do something different and out there... the question simply was what to do?

For years I have been drawn to central Asia, particularly Mongolia. I have been looking for an oppertunity to go and explore such a beautiful and untamed place, and spend some time learning more about its people. After much thought, discussion and selling of things on eBay I have hatched a plan...

I plan to make an attempt to cross Mongolia... On a Bike!!  I will be un supported and solo,  carrying everything I need for the trip with me on the bike. I will be filming the whole thing, and naturally taking photographs at every opportunity too. Wherever possible this blog will be updated, although unfortunately how often during the trip remains to be seen as internet access is something of a rarity in the wilds of Mongolia.

Altai mountains wikepedia(The Altai Mountains, Image credit: Wikipedia)

Mountains are another thing that seem to constantly attract me, and Mongolia has some large mountains. In the north west near the Chinese, Russian and Khazak border lie the Altai mountains. A beautiful range with peaks exceeding 4000m, the opportunity to spend time climbing and exploring here gives me an ideal starting point for my route.

Route Updated Real

(Intended route, image sourced from Google Maps).

Above you can see the intended route. This is only a rough plan to give an idea about distance, the actual route remains to be worked out in a much more spontaneous manner.

Planning is well on its way, the list of things to nail down is getting shorter by the day, which is lucky as the departure date is the 16th of April!!

Keep an eye out here to see whats going on.